Who We Are

Better Tomorrow strives to serve women and children in the eight counties of Western New York.  Our mission is, with the determination of our team and the amazing people of Buffalo, to promise that tomorrow is always better

Justin Piazza, Founder

Justin is a graduate of St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute, and is currently studying Computer Science at the University at Buffalo. The mission of Better Tomorrow derives from Justin’s childhood. Growing up in a family that has the mindset of being involved in the community, Justin’s passion began to grow at an early age. For his 10th birthday, he took all of the gifts that were given to him, and brought them to the hospital to donate to the children that were currently staying there. That moment was a pivotal turning point in his life, where he knew he wanted to make a difference. Justin began working for and creating his very own fundraisers, that all began to make a positive impact. Then for the past few years, Justin has sponsored a family during the holiday season, by donating gifts to families that are spending their time in the hospital during this season. Throughout his lifetime, the many projects have all guided him to creating this company. His goal is to bring the community of Buffalo together, and to create a better tomorrow where everyone can be involved.