Our events gives you the chance to look through all of the events that Better Tomorrow has completed, in the process of, or will be involved in the near future. Click any of the links below to make a donation for our events.



127 for 127

Oishei Children’s Hospital is one of 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals around the country. Better Tomorrow has been selected to launch a pilot fundraising program with ten to twenty local businesses during Children’s Hospital Week, March 18-24. This campaign will help us bring awareness to our local children’s hospital and the community partners that support it.

For Better Tomorrow, the campaign that we created is 127 for 127. Our goal is to reach $5,000, and with that money, we will be able to create 127 gifts for the 127 years of service the hospital has given to our community.

Want to be involved? Clink the button below and donate to help us create 127 gifts for Oishei Children's Hospital!

Our campaign will go from February 18th to March 25th.



Better Tomorrow Gift Gathering Party

We are back with another event and we are calling on the amazing people of Buffalo to be part of it. Better Tomorrow is excited to announce our Gift Gathering Party with iWorldFundraising! The event will be held at Tony Walker & Co, on Thursday, April 11th, from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. 

A gift registry list will be announced soon, and every gift purchased from that list, will be donated to the Oishei Children’s Hospital! If you are unable to attend the event, you can still shop at to be involved in our event.

Check out the photos on our home page, and see all the amazing gifts we were able to create!